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  • Les étreintes brisées

    Les étreintes brisées

    Almodovar reste un maître pour raconter une histoire. Il saute ici avec son brio habituel d’une situation actuelle : un écrivain de scénarios devenu aveugle et un homme d’affaires dont on apprend la mort, à la situation quinze ans auparavant, où s’était nouée une grande histoire d’amour et de jalousie à la fin tragique. Pénélope Cruz est à (...)
  • Demain dès l'aube

    Demain dès l’aube

    A duel. That is how this drama begins - 19th century Hussars fighting for honour of the regiment. In fact, they are 21st century men playing, ultra-seriously, at history war games and adhering to a creed that places military honour above every other code and belief. They are 21st century duellists. The film is about two brothers and their (...)
  • Amintiri din epoca de aur

    Amintiri din epoca de aur

    Christian Mungiu won the Golden Palm in Cannes 2007 with his 4 Months, 3 weeks, . Now he has co-ordinated this portmanteau film with four other directors. They are urban legends – from the so-called ’Golden Age’ of the Ceausescu regime, as his publicists would have the world believe. The five short stories (others were made and can be (...)
  • Los Abrazos Rotos

    Los Abrazos Rotos

    Almodovar, light. After the serious themes of his films from the last ten years or more, Almodovar takes a more relaxed approach to a film about film-making and obsessions, light with serious touches. The film opens mysteriously with a blind screenwriter who used to be a director. When he hears news of the death of a tycoon in Madrid, it (...)
  • Manila


    Raya Martin directed Independencia and co-directs Manila, keeping his preference for filming in black and white. We are offered two stories of hardship in contemporary Manila, entering Brillante Mendoza territory without the explicit treatment. The first story is of a young addict, his search for drugs, and the story of his mother, a (...)