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  • Politist, Adjectiv

    Politist, Adjectiv

    Une version roumaine de l’Antigone de Sophocle. Roumaine, cela veut dire que la vie quotidienne dans la Bucarest postcommuniste délabrée remplace les Palais de la Grèce antique, et aussi que l’humour à froid supplante la poésie tragique. C’est bien cet humour corrosif , déjà présent dans tant de films roumains, qui donne le ton de cette (...)
  • Precious


    Based on an award-winning novel by poet and essayist, Sapphire, from her time as a social worker and teacher with deprived and abused children, Push, this is a very moving film about a subject with which moviegoers will be familiar. But, here it is presented so well and movingly. The basic narrative is straightforward : the late 1980s, a (...)
  • Politist, Adjectiv

    Politist, Adjectiv

    One needs to take good notice of the title, both words, otherwise some might expect all police whereas the really interesting part is adjective, since the film is concerned with words and language. While there is a basic, slight plot about police work in Porumboius’ home town of Vaslui, most of the action (used loosely because much of it is (...)
  • Bright Star

    Bright Star

    John Keats’ short 25 year life was not filled with excitement and adventure as those of his two Romantic contemporaries, Byron and Shelley (the two 1987 films about them, The Haunted Summer and Gothic, certainly illustrate this). Nor was he as long-lived and influential like the former generation of Romantics, Coleridge and Wordsworth (whose (...)
  • My Neighbor, My Killer

    My Neighbor, My Killer

    Anne Aghion has made a film about Nicaragua in the past and Antarctica in the present. In the meantime, for nine years, she has been filming on and off in Rwanda and produced three hour-long documentaries on the aftermath of the1994 genocide. This time she has made an 80 minute film on the Gacaca Tribunals set up by the Rwandan government (...)