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  • Japanese story

    Japanese story

    First impressions of this Australian film are that the story and characters are slight and the plot predictable. The first part is in the tradition of quirky Australian comedies (as was Sue Brooks’ previous film about elderly lawn bowlers, Road to Nhill). Whether audiences will wait for the second part of the film is a moot question - the (...)
  • Carandiru


    We are impressed before the film starts to know that the book which has been adapted for the screen was a Brazilian best-seller, that it brought to hundreds of thousands of readers, devastating information and images about Brazilian goals and the stories of the inmates. Author, Drauzio Varella, spent years treating prisoners in Carandiru. The (...)
  • Dogville


    Lars Von Trier seems fascinated by moral and religious themes. So much of his imagery and his references are biblical. It has been easy to see his persecuted woman, Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves and Bjork in Dancer in the Dark, as martyrs, whose sufferings bring healing to men. Von Trier sets them up as redemptive Christ-figures. As we (...)
  • James' journey to Jerusalem

    James’ journey to Jerusalem

    "Jerusalem... notre unique destinée !" Gospell qui introduit et clôture ce conte plein d’humour, de gravité et un retournement de situation surprenant. James, Africain zoulou, "le meilleur jeune homme du village qui fut envoyé en pèlerinage", va découvrir que " la vie dans ce pays est un défi permanent". Ascension aux pinacles de la (...)
  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool

    Swimming pool : Nager dans le mystère de la création Pour regarder "Swimming pool" il est bon d’ouvrir un dictionnaire pour vérifier les définitions et les différences entre imagination, rêve, fantasme et désir. On peut renouveler l’opération avec les mêmes mots dans un dictionnaire de psychanalyse en y ajoutant les mots eau, piscine et (...)