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La Nostra Vita

La Nostra Vita

Pays : Film français, italien
Genre : Comédie
Durée : 1h 33min
Date de sortie : prochainement
Avec Raoul Bova, Giorgio Colangeli, Elio Germano
Réalisé par Daniele Luchetti

Après un deuil, un ouvrier romain tente d’apaiser sa douleur en se rattachant à la seule chose qui lui reste : gagner de l’argent. A travers le parcours de ce prolétaire, le réalisateur Daniele Luchetti propose une photographie de l’Italie.

(L'avis exprimé par les rédacteurs de cette rubrique est indépendant du travail et des choix du Jury oecuménique.)

An Italian slice of life from the socially conscious historical film of Italy in the 1960s and 1970s, My Brother is an Only Child. This time the film is socially conscious but not explicitly political.
A seemingly simple story of a builder, his love for his pregnant wife and their two boys, with plenty of loving scenes and extended family gatherings, becomes tragic and difficult with two quite diverse deaths. The husband has to cope with his children and opts for a financial focus to cover his grief. He is inexperienced and falls into difficulties with payments and finishing the apartment block he has undertaken to build.
This brings some darker aspects to life around sunlit Rome and Ostia.
Finance is never straightforward in Italy. There are always deals, corruption, illegal workers, migrant workers without papers, the demands of the building consortium, walkouts... We see them here. But, while the man is an ordinary type, he fights hard to succeed and is helped by his pimp neighbour and friend as well as his family solidarity.
An experience of Italian working class life, with some optimism despite grief and with a great emphasis on the worth of family and children.