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Fair Game

Fair Game

Pays : Film américain
Genre : Thriller, Drame
Durée : 1h 44min
Date de sortie : 27 octobre 2010
Avec Naomi Watts, Sean Penn, Bruce McGill
Réalisé par Doug Liman

L’ex-ambassadeur Joseph Wilson est envoyé au Niger par la CIA afin d’enquêter sur un éventuel trafic d’armes de destructions massives avec l’Irak. Mais celui-ci ne trouve rien, et prouve même que les documents sur lesquels s’appuyait l’Administration Bush étaient faux. Une semaine plus tard, l’identité de la femme de Joseph Wison est divulguée dans la presse, il s’agit d’une agent de la CIA, Valérie Palme Wilson. Dès lors, les procès s’ensuivent et l’Administration Bush, toute entière, est mise en cause.

(L'avis exprimé par les rédacteurs de cette rubrique est indépendant du travail et des choix du Jury oecuménique.)

Fair Game is the title of the book written by former CIA agent, Valerie Plame, outed by the Bush administration in 2003 as a tactic to divert public attention from the untruths told in the president’s state of the union address and offered as one of the key pieces of evidence for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program : 500 tons of uranium bought from Niger. That this was not the fact was reported by former ambassador, Joseph Wilson, Valerie Plame’s husband, who published an expose article about this after the invasion of Iraq.
It is a sign of communications today that a film about this important episode could be made in the US within ten years of the events.
Where the film is of interest is in the covert operations undertaken extensively by Valerie Plame and her teams, and how the White House exerted pressure to get the information they wanted for the invasion. It is also of interest to see the manchinations against the husband and wife and how the media turned against them as traitors.
Noami Watts is Valerie Plame, perhaps too nice a screen presence for the tough woman she had to be in real life. Sean Penn as Wilson doesn’t really have to act (though he does most convincingly) given his own personal views and outspokenness in real life._ While the film uses familiar conventions for this kind of story, it is still very interesting – and adds to the doubts and scepticism about the motives for the invasion of Iraq.